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Vaccinate The States is a non-profit, non-partisan, community-driven effort that helps people in the United States learn accurate, up-to-date information about how to get the coronavirus vaccine. We are building the most comprehensive list of vaccination sites in the United States.

How We Work

Our team calls medical professionals at hundreds of potential vaccination sites daily to ask them if they are offering vaccinations and how to get an appointment. We also gather vaccine site information from official sources, including VaccineFinder.org, state government agencies, county health departments, and healthcare providers. We compile what they say into a comprehensive map, and make it freely available on this site, to other publishers, and to public health initiatives.

Our Commitment to Equitable Access to Vaccine Information

Nationwide evidence indicates that, despite being more severely affected by the covid-19 pandemic, members of marginalized communities have received disproportionately fewer vaccines than those with more resources.

Vaccinate The States is committed to ensuring that those with historical disadvantages have equitable access to all the information we report. By partnering with experts and advocates who have demonstrated trust with their communities, we hope to develop tools that support the real needs of those most impacted by the crisis.

If you would like to work with us towards this goal, please email us at: outreach@vaccinatethestates.com

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I help?

Get the word out about the vaccine in your community. Help those close to you get vaccinated; getting it remains difficult for many.

We have volunteer opportunities available for helping to collect information or work on technical infrastructure.

Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on other opportunities to help out.

We do not solicit funds from the general public. Many charitable projects do; they would appreciate your generous support.


I am a reporter. Can I get in touch?

Please email media@vaccinatethestates.com; we'll be in touch quickly.

I work at a medical provider! How do I ask you to update our information or make a request of you?

We appreciate the work you are doing, and are here to support it!

Please text (415) 301-4597 with your message, institutional affiliation, and an internal extension or contact name so we can call back to verify. We cannot receive photos at this number; text only, please. If you are interested in embedding our map on your site, please see our instructions here.

One of the organizers will read your message and take action as soon as reasonably possible.

I work in a community-facing organization or for the government. Can we discuss this?

We want to support the urgent work you are doing in getting those in the US vaccinated as quickly as possible. Please email us at partners@vaccinatethestates.com to discuss.

Is the information on this website accurate?

We rely primarily on official sources or direct phone calls to vaccination sites. We also use unofficial sources where we believe they provide accurate information about vaccination clinics not available from other sources.. The situation is complicated and changes rapidly; even official sources are sometimes incorrect or out-of-date.

Our efforts are relied upon by governmental entities and some of the largest publishers in the world.

While we make substantial efforts to provide the most accurate, up to date information available to us, we can't guarantee the current accuracy of everything published.

Some of our location data is provided by VaccineFinder.org. That data is ©2021. Boston Children’s Hospital. All rights reserved.

Some of us who worked on this project on Day 1

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